Romualdez: Celebrate Easter with genuine love for country

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Published : Sunday, April 20, 2014 00:00

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Written by : Jester Manalastas

HOUSE Independent Minority leader and Leyte (1st District) Rep. Ferdinand Martin ‘FM’ G. Romualdez yesterday urged Filipinos to celebrate Easter with genuine love for each other and the country. He also asked everyone to continue the Lenten spirit of forgiveness by setting aside personal and ideological differences.

In his Easter message, Romualdez said Filipinos should follow Jesus Christ words by rising from the grave of divisiveness and hatred to the dawn of peace and harmony.

“Our Lord rose from the dead to save us from sin and lead us to Heaven. Let us show Him we’re worthy of His love,” Romualdez stressed.

According to Romualdez, it is about time to end personal and even political differences but to show love, respect and concern to one another.

“We are only one race. We only have one country. After all is said and done, we still have one common dream, a prosperous nation of united and peace loving citizens,” Romualdez said.

“We can only achieve that dream if we will join hands in working together for the common good, for a bright tomorrow for everyone, and not just for the vested interests of a select few,” he added.

The Leyte solon pointed out that years of greed and fighting in pursuit of un-Godly ideals have only made life miserable for everyone concerned, including innocent civilians.

“Let us all pray for their enlightenment. Together, let’s make them realize that they’re only serving the interests of their manipulative masters and not of the Filipino people as they had been deceived into believing,” Romualdez, also said.

He then appealed to everyone to refrain from violence as this will ever be the road to a  bright future for the Filipinos.

But instead, he urged everyone to lead each other towards God’s way as this is the only way to peace, reconciliation and salvation.

Meanwhile, Romualdez called on all leaders of the government and his colleagues in the House of Representatives to dedicate their work for the love and protection, which Jesus Christ showed and inspired us from His teachings.

Romualdez, the president of the Lakas-CMD, maintains the objective of the party and the minority bloc of being constructive opposition.

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